Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Timed Mile - Tomorrow

Hello Runners!,
I am back from my travels, having done a few runs out west, but no speed workouts.  Today was going to be my first time back on the track in nearly 2 weeks but unfortunately the high school football was having a scrimmage practice on the field so we were unable to use the track.  Eddie was out again today and I asked him if he could pace me on a mile attempt next week.  Unfortunately he will be out of town next week so he suggested the week after.  Unfortunately for me, I will be leaving in 2 weeks to take on a new job, requiring me to move out of town.  So that only left this week!  I wanted to try Friday or Saturday so I could get in a speed session on Wednesday, but Eddie is running in a relay race this weekend.  We looked at our schedules, and it turns out tomorrow is the only time we both can run.  Jay is out of town for work so he won't be able to participate.  Looks like it will just be Eddie and I out on the track.

Tomorrow I'm going for it.  It will be my first real attempt to do under 5 minutes.  Up until now it has just been trying to cut time off each attempt.  Tomorrow, I'm going for sub-5.  It feels a little weird to write it, but I'm excited.  I have to make sure to get some good rest tonight and stay off my feet as much as possible tomorrow until race time.  I hope all goes well... wish me luck!

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