Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back on the Track - Part 2

Hello Runners!,
Today was my first day back on the track after my knee ailment.  With my knee still a little tender, I wanted to just "ease" into some speed work.  I started off with my normal, 2 mile warm-up.  I stretched a bit and had no knee pain so I decided to give the track a go.  My plans was to start off with 2x800 with ~3min rest between.  I wanted to start off with 800's instead of 400's because I run my 800's at a slower pace, thus putting less pressure on my knee.  I ran both 800's at around 6:40 mile pace, or in 3:50.  My legs felt pretty good so I ran 2x400 at 90 sec pace.  This pace was significantly slower than previous 400's, where I was running 75-80 sec quarters.  Regardless, I finally got back into some up-tempo running and my knee hasn't been acting up.  I made sure to ice and rest my knee immediately after the run.  My plans is to do a short run tomorrow (Friday), rest on Saturday and hopefully get out for a 7-8 mile run on Sunday.  Assuming all goes well I plan on being back on the track on Tuesday (7/17) for a timed mile attempt.  Here's to resting and recovering well!!

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