Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July - Heat - Injury - Ugh!

Hello Runners!,
Happy 4th of July!  This is a great time of year.  Food, fireworks, beer.  I love it all.  What I don't love, is getting injured.  And that's exactly what happened to me a couple of days ago.  I finished off a pretty tough month of training in June and I was looking forward to keeping the trend going in July.  I started the month off by doing a 9.5 mile run on July 1st.  I felt great.  On the 2nd, I rode my bike to Riverside park, did a 5.5 mile run, and then rode home.  It was wicked hot on the 2nd and I was quite fatigued afterwards, but hey, I've been there before.  Then I woke up the 3rd.  My right knee was pretty stiff and sore.  As I was walking around the house I felt a pop in my knee (like cracking knuckles), and then another, and then another.  Not long after, I could barely bend my knee let alone push off on it.  Oh man, this sucks.  I more or less laid on the couch the rest of the day to rest my knee.  I'm not quite sure what caused my knee to give but I think it must be overwork.  I had a pretty intense final 2 weeks of June.  I had been doing some biking along with my running (sometimes on the same day) and i went golfing in 3 or the 4 days leading up to the injury.  

Fireworks in Wauwatosa.
I like the trailing bursts and the full moon!
Unwisely, I didn't give my knee any rest on the 4th despite the pain.  I should have just stayed home and laid on the couch all day, icing my knee and resting it.  Instead I went golfing.  It really didn't bother me for the first 6 holes but the last 3 were not great.  Thankfully we were in carts and I didn't have to walk around much.  After golf I drove 1.5 hours to Milwaukee.  This was not good for my knee.  The knee is stationary for almost the entire drive and it swelled and tightened up.  I watched the fireworks in Wauwatosa with a few friends (check out one of my fireworks pictures).  I then had to drive home today (another 1.5 hours of a stationary knee).  As soon as I got home I started to rest.  30 minutes of ice followed by 30 minutes off.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  i also took some ibuprofen to reduce the pain and swelling in my knee.  I'm a little concerned now that this injury might be something serious, keeping me sidelined for a few weeks.  Ugh!!  Just when my training was really starting to go well and I've felt significant improvement in my speed.  Right now I'm hoping that I'll just have to rest through the weekend and that I can get back into working out sometime next week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!  Good luck everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July holiday :)

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