Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speed in July - Finally!

Hello Runners,
Well, today was a planned timed mile day, but it was canceled.  As the norm in Wisconsin this summer, today was in the mid-90's all day - less than ideal temps for running.  We had planned to have one of Jay's friends, Eddie - a sub 5 miler, help pace us.  We called him up and canceled and decided to do a short track workout instead.  Well as things would have it, a nice thunderstorm popped up around 4:30pm and moved through the region, bringing with it some nice cool temperatures.  By the time we arrived at the track, it was near ideal temperatures.  We had a light rain and the temps were in the low 70's.  Although it was humid, there was little wind.  Since we wouldn't see Eddie until Thursday (the new planned timed mile day) we just went ahead with a track workout.  We ran 6x400 and 2x200 to finish the workout.  Add a 2 mile warm-up & cool-down and it was around a 7 mile day.

I felt great out on the track.  Today was the first day where I was able to push myself to the same level I was doing before my knee injury.  I still wanted to ease into the workout so my first 2 quarters were a little slower than planned.  Here are the splits:
Set 1: 83, 80, 76, 76
Set 2: 77, 72
2x200: 36, 38

I felt great doing the quarters.  They were fast and comfortable, I wasn't pushing myself too hard.  It was probably the best I've felt doing quarters all summer.  As for the 200's, I felt terrible.  Perhaps we took a little bit longer of a rest than we should have, but I felt lethargic on the 200's, especially the last one.  I was actually planning on doing 4x200 but since I wasn't feeling well for the first two, and since it was my first really challenging workout since my injury, I decided to forgo the final two.  No need pushing myself for those extra 200's, especially since I have a timed mile coming up on Thursday.  

My plan is to do an easy 5 miles tomorrow and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for cool, calm weather for the timed mile on Thursday.  Overall today was a good day as I feel my training is back on track.  Good night and good luck... running that is!

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