Sunday, July 8, 2012

Walk to Run

Hello Runners!,
I just finished a 2 mile walk.  It's my second day of testing my knee strength.  Yesterday I walked 1 mile.  I have to say, my knee is feeling somewhat better.  It's still weak and tender, but I was able to walk more or less pain free.  Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm going to try and start the week off by doing a 2 mile run.  SLOW.  I think I'll do a mile around the track and then take off my shoes and do a mile barefoot on the infield grass.  I'm hoping a little bit of barefoot running will help get me back to a more natural stride and help to strengthen my knee.  It's been a pretty demoralizing week and weekend just sitting around the house resting and icing my knee.  Therefore, I'm not really in the mood to write much about my training (or lack-there-of).  I'm pretty sure my injury is Runner's Knee.  The best way to recover - rest, reduce mileage, stretch, ice, and slowly incorporate knee strengthening exercises.  What are those knee strengthening exercises you may ask?  I don't know... because I haven't started doing them yet!  Ha!  As i figure out what kind of exercises to do, I'll make sure to post them in my blog.  Anyway, that's it for day, good night and good luck... running that is!

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