Saturday, June 30, 2012

June, the Month in Review

Hello Runners!,
The month of June is now over.  Overall, I would say it was a pretty successful month of training.  I had a few minor injuries/ailments that I worked around, but overall I'm very happy with the way my training went.  I finished the month with 138 miles, 16 miles fewer than I ran in May.  However, I also had 155 miles on the bike, including an 84 mile ride around Lake Winnebago in the Tour de Bago (if you don't know what that is, read my earlier post from June 17th.  I ran a 1500m race in 4:58, and my 4th timed mile came in at 5:19, a twelve second improvement from last months mile.    

I finished off the month of running with a 2.5 mile tempo run, 6 miles overall.  This was my first tempo run in a few weeks and it felt good to get out and do some speed work that wasn't on the track.  My first mile of the tempo was 6:27, I then picked up the pace and ran a 6:12, followed by a 3:10 final 0.5 mile.  Once again, it was ridiculously hot today (~90 degrees) but I'm starting to get use to the heat.  Yesterday (Friday) was a much needed day off from running.  On Wednesday my plan was to run 7 miles but I felt pretty good and added another loop to the middle of the run, making the run 9 miles.  In hindsight I should have only run 7 miles as I was pretty tanked by mile 7.  Thursday was another day on the track.  Considering I had a pretty hard week of training, I had planned for just a short but intense workout on the track.  The workout plan was an 800, 400, and 2x200.  I started with the normal 2 mile warm-up.  I ran my 800 in 2:31, ran a half mile slow to recover, and my 400 in 68 seconds.  I finished the workout with two of my fastest 200m sprints this season, in 32 sec and 33 sec, respectively.  A quick mile cool-down and that was all she wrote for Thursday's practice.  Despite Thursday being one of the hottest days of the week I felt good through the workout.

This upcoming week is the 4th of July week and I'm not really sure how that will affect my week of training.  I'm planning on getting in a long run on Sunday, something easy on Monday and then a hard workout (Slow Jimmy's) on Tuesday the 3rd.  I currently don't have plans for the 4th but I'm sure something will come up so I'm planning on Wednesday being a rest day.  I'll probably then hit the track again on either Thursday or Friday, followed by another moderate run on the weekend.  Hopefully that will be a great way to start off the month.  Goodbye June, let's have a rockin' month of training in July!

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