Sunday, June 24, 2012

Badger State Games - Results

Hello Runners!,
I am in a good mood today!  To start with, my uncle from Texas is visiting so I've been able to hang out with him.  Second of all, I ran the Badger State Games this morning and the results were good.  I made the drive from Neenah to Wausau early this morning, arriving at the D.C. Everest High School Stadium around 9am.  I drove through some beautiful morning rain on the way to the meet which immediately put me in a good mood.  

When I arrived there weren't too many people there, which surprised me a bit.  The running events started at 9:30am with the 3000m run.  Since the 1500m was scheduled about mid-way through the meet, I figured I had a lot of time before my race.  When the 3000 started I went out for a nice little warm-up run, 2 miles.  I finished the warm-up and camped right by the track to watch a few events and stretch.  Literally, as soon as sat down I heard "Second call 1500m run, second call 1500m run".  WHAT!?  They just finished the 3000m 5 minutes ago!  How is the 1500m run already?  I ran back to my car, put on my jersey and number and ran to the track.  I didn't even have time to put on my racing flats.  Yikes!  I checked into the start area and made my way to the start.  I didn't have any time to stretch or even grab a last second swallow of water.  I looked at the start line and noticed only 6 other participants.  Turns out it would be a small race.  I knew one of the other runners, a former Neenah High School runner who is about 6 years younger than me.  After talking to a few runners just before the start it sounded like two other guys wanted to run right around 5 minutes so I knew I would have competition, or at least people to help me pace.  I drew lane 1, but it didn't do me any good to grab the lead off the start.  No problem, I tucked into 4th place and ran my race.  I came through the first 300m in 60 sec, right on my 5 minute pace.  I then passed a guy on the back stretch of lap #2.  I stayed behind the leaders for the next lap.  They were running right at my goal pace - AWESOME.  With two laps to go I passed the 2nd place guy and tucked in behind the leader, but not for long.  After less than half a lap I decided to take the lead and go with about 600m left in the race.  I took the lead and never looked back.  My final lap was around 74 sec and I finished the race in 4:58.6.  I won the race and I accomplished my time goal of running under 5 minutes.  My time would be around a 5:17-5:18 mile.  

Next up was the 800m.  We only had about 20 minutes between races.  I stayed down on the infield of the track and jogged a few laps to loosen up.  I did make one run out to my car to grab my water bottle and race flats.  For the 800m i wore my Kennedy race flats - probably 5-6 years old.  They're still light and fast and great for short distance races.  I drew lane 5 for the race.  With such short rest I wasn't sure what kind of time I would run but i still had hopes to go under 2:30.  I also started thinking that I may be able to win this race too.  I lead the race around the first turn.  I came through the first lap in 71 sec, leading the race.  As soon as we hit the back stretch on the 2nd lap Kyle (the Neenah guy) passed me.  I tucked in behind and held pace.  My plan was to stay behind him until the home stretch and then see if I could out sprint him.  Well, he had too much left in the tank and I wasn't able to chase him down in the finish.  He ran 2:22 and I finished two seconds back in 2:24, six seconds faster than my goal time.  Man was I happy.  Two races, two great results.

Me with my Badger State Games hardware.
Immediately after the 800 and final race of the track meet was the 4x400 relay.  There were four of us who were really close in the 800 so I jokingly said "so who's ready to run a 4x400?"  One of the other athletes said "let me see if we can still register" and immediately ran to the scorer's booth.  When he came back with a big grin and two thumbs up we knew we were running.  Four guys who just finished the 800 and are still out of breath are now going to run the 4x400 relay.  Crap.  Fortunately I drew the 3rd leg so I had a little time to recover.  By the time I received the baton, our team was way ahead of the field. Nonetheless I gave it all I had and ended up running a 67 sec split.  Our team won the 4x400 relay and I walked home with three medals from the meet.  I really had a great time at the meet and I'd be more than happy to run it again next year.  
A rainbow from the early morning rain showers on the early morning drive to Wausau.

In case anyone gets too upset when the mustard is empty.

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  1. It was great seeing you again and running with you Andy, good luck with your running goals, and maybe we'll have to put together some serious relays next year!

    -Kyle Steckbauer