Friday, June 1, 2012

Timed Mile Attempt #3

Hello Runners!
Warming up with Wheelz for the 1 mile run
Yesterday was my third attempt at the 1 mile distance.  It was a pretty nice day for running, around 50 degrees.  It was, of course, windy again.  No worries - head wind one direction means tail wind in the other.  Unfortunately, you tend to feel the head wind more than the tail wind.  I decided to set my GPS watch to take splits every .25 miles in order to save myself a little bit of time of not having to "press the button" each lap.  Unfortunately, the GPS was off slightly and the splits came in about 10-15m too early.  Because of this, my splits were a bit inaccurate.  Thankfully, Jay was right behind me the entire mile so I was able to get his splits after the run.  Not knowing my splits during the race actually screwed up my pacing a bit.  I like to look at my watch at the 200m mark, and then again at the start/finish line.  Because of the GPS inaccuracy, I wasn't quite sure where I was at split-wise throughout the run.  I ended up running a 5:31, my best time this year (a 4 second improvement from April's timed mile) but I feel as though I could have run a little bit faster. I'm actually glad to know I had a little left in the tank.  Splits are as follows:
Lap 1: 81 sec
Lap 2: 84 sec
Lap 3: 83 sec
Lap 4: 83 sec
TOTAL: 5:31

It should also be noted that my friend Wheelz showed up to practice to run as well.  She ran a 5:58 mile on her very first mile attempt EVER!  What a run!  Congratulations to her.

My next goal in my mile training is to get all my splits to be under 80 sec.  Now it is June and time to start the speed workouts.  My basic weekly running schedule will be something near the following:
5 days of running each week.
Saturday/Sunday:  Long slow run (9-12 miles)
Tuesday: Tempo run/quarters/Slow Jimmy's
Wednesday:  Easy to moderate run
Thursday: Quarters/Slow Jimmy's, 200's, other speed workouts
Friday: short, easy run.

I'm going to keep the blogging coming - harder runs are on the horizon! 

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