Monday, June 11, 2012

The Week Ahead

Hello Runners!,
I have a pretty intense week of training planned.  Last weekend was REALLY hot, I ran the Bellin Run on Saturday, and then took a day off from running on Sunday, instead doing a nice easy 15 mile bike ride.  I'm planning on running around 35-37 miles this week, capping it off with an 84 mile bike ride in the Tour de Bago.

Monday:  Long Run 10-11 miles
Tuesday: Track Workout: 8 quarters (6-7 miles)
Wednesday: Moderate Run: 8 miles
Thursday: Track Workout: Ladders/Pyramid (200s, 400s, 800s) (~6 miles)
Friday: Easy 5 miles
Saturday: TOUR DE BAGO!!!

This is going to be one of the most intense weeks of running I've done in a few years.  I've done weeks with longer mileage but I haven't done a week with the mileage and intensity that I'm planning for this week.  I'm really optimistic about this week's running.  I'm hoping the workouts will really help me get into good middle-distance shape.  It's hard to believe that I'm nearly half-way through June already, and yet I don't feel as though I've done much work towards breaking my sub-5 minute mile goal.  It's time to REALLY start focusing.  It's time I take my own advice and "get out and get running!"

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