Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bellin Run Results

Hello Runners!,
Well, the Bellin Run sucked.  It was hot and windy and I just didn't run that well.  I guess that was no surprise to me - my hot weather running just doesn't go well, apparently.  I still finished ~130 out of more than 18,000 participants, but my time was much slower than I hoped for.  My primary goal was to PR (sub 38:45) with a secondary goal to at least break 40 min.  Unfortunately, neither of those happened.  I felt pretty good through 3 miles, and then my legs just didn't want to carry me any further.  My legs started to tighten, followed by my back and shoulders.  I was trying to relax, but it wasn't happening.  Instead I just tried to grind it out.  At some point after mile 3 we hit a nice stretch of black-top.  I could immediately feel a temperature difference between the concrete and the black-top.  Even though the Bellin Run organizers added more water stations (THANK YOU!), it didn't seem to help me much.  Oh well.  I finished the race in 40:37.
Mile 1: 6:27
Mile 2: 6:37
Mile 3: 6:06
Mile 4: 6:31
Mile 5: 6:39
Mile 6: 6:55
.2 mile: 1:20

Two months back in the States, two races run, two REALLY hot days, and two poor race performances.  All I can do is brush it off and get back to mile training.  That's all for tonight, get out and get running!

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