Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Mile Temp-Oh Hell No!

Hello Runners!,
Today was tempo day.  The plan was to do a mile warm-up & cool-down, with a 5 mile tempo run as the main workout.  My goal is to average 6:45 pace for the tempo.  Last week on my 4 mile tempo I easily made this pace, as a matter of fact, my last two miles were sub 6:40.  I thought I wouldn't have any real problem holding 6:45 pace for my run today... I was wrong.

I was off pace from the beginning.  Yuck.  I just didn't have it in my legs today, they were a bit heavy and sluggish.  I don't think I was fully recovered from the 13 mile run Sunday.  Also, it was frickin windy today!  +15mph.  ugh.  There's nothing like a strong wind to wreak havoc with a timed, up-tempo run.  I was able to grit out the first 2 miles right around goal pace, but I quickly fell off pace from there.  I was hurting pretty bad on the 4th mile, and nearly called it a day.  I felt like I was racing, not running a controlled tempo.  My breathing was very heavy, and my legs were tired.  I just felt uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, I dug deep and gritted out the 5th mile.  It was a painful run, but hopefully it will make me stronger for my half marathon in 3 weeks.  Final splits:
Mile 1: 6:47
Mile 2: 6:46
Mile 3: 6:52
Mile 4: 6:52
Mile 5: 6:56
It was a rather disappointing day.  Days like today make you question your ability to run a race at your goal pace.  I want to average 6:45's for my upcoming half marathon and today I couldn't even do 5 miles at that pace!  How am I going to run another 8 miles at a faster pace?  Oh well, today's run is history and tomorrow I'll get out and do a long, slow recovery run to see if I can get my legs back.  

On the bright side, I ran 136.5 miles in April, the most I've run in April since I've been keeping a running log in 2004.  I'm also off to my friend Chris's house tonight for pizza.  Check out his pizza blog!  

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