Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Shoes!

Hello Runners!
Yesterday my new shoes arrived in the mail (Asics Gel Hyperspeed 5).  Thank you UPS for your timely delivery!  I wore them all day yesterday to "break them in", and did my inaugural run in them this morning.  They feel great.  I did a 6 mile run today, with a 3 mile tempo sandwiched in the middle.  I ran the tempo at 6:35 pace today, my fastest pace for a tempo run.  I had no problems with the shoes.  I plan on running in them again tomorrow, which will give me a whopping 10 miles on them before the half marathon this weekend.  I only have 2 more runs before the big race.  Tomorrow (Thursday) will be an easy 4 mile recovery run.  Friday will be an easy/moderate 5 miles.  I like to rest the day before the race (see previous post) and then at 7am on Sunday, the big race takes place.  Not much going on the rest of the week, I just wanted to share the new shoes :)

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