Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Hay is in the Barn

Hello Runners!
I'm not sure where the saying of this blog entry title comes from but as of this weekend, it applies to me and my half marathon training.  A 13 mile run yesterday, followed by a 4 mile recovery run today and it's all gravy from here on into the race.  Tomorrow will be an off day after my hardest week of training yet.  42 miles including a 5 mile tempo and 5 Slow Jimmy's and I'm tanked.  The next two weeks will be a slow taper until race weekend.

Week Recap:
Monday: 3.5 miles
Tuesday: 7 miles (5 mile tempo)
Wednesday: 8.5 miles
Thursday: Off
Friday: 6 miles (5 Slow Jimmy's)
Saturday: 13 miles
Sunday: 4 miles

This upcoming week will probably be around 30-35 miles.  I plan on doing another Tempo run, but only about 3 miles.  I'm going to up my Slow Jimmy's to 6 and this weekend's long run will be substantially decreased to 8-9 miles.  Add a few other slow, short runs and I should get into the low 30's for mileage.  

One thing I've decided I need to focus on over the next couple of weeks is sleep.  It's not as though I'm not getting enough sleep, I just think I need to change my sleep schedule.  Right now I'm going to bed around 11:30-midnight.  I need to start going to be earlier so I can make sure to get enough sleep the night before the half marathon.  This means I'll be concentrating on going to bed around 10:30 over the next two weeks (starting tomorrow).  

As it turns out, this weekend was a pretty big race weekend in the state of Wisconsin.  There were a handful of races and a few of my friends were out competing this weekend.  Therefore, I'd like to give a shout out to my fellow pavement pounders after this weekend of great race performances.  First a shout out to Shawn Dobbins for winning the Prairie du Chien half marathon in a time of 1:20.  Awesome job Shawn, keep up the great running.  Next a shout out to Erin Ebbin Moldenhaur for winning the women's race in the Ripin Half Marathon in 1:39.  It should also be noted that Erin did this after running a full marathon the week before.  Incredible!  Great running, Erin!  And last but not least, congrats to Andy Ruffalo for taking 2nd and Brian Udovich for finishing 4th at the Wisconsin Half Marathon, in 1:18 and 1:20 respectively.  Congrats to all!  

That's all for today, good night and good luck... running that is!

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